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Quick Solutions for Account Recovery

  1. Understand Google's Policies: Ensuring compliance with Google's strict Ad Grants guidelines is key. Regularly review these policies to avoid inadvertent violations.

  2. Monitor Performance: Google sets performance benchmarks for Ad Grant accounts. Regular optimization and monitoring are essential to meet these standards.

  3. Maintain Activity: Keep your account active by frequently reviewing and updating your ad campaigns to prevent suspension due to inactivity.

  4. Check Billing Information: Even though the Ad Grant is free, ensure any linked billing information is up-to-date to avoid complications.

Self-Serve Reactivation Option

For a straightforward approach to regaining access to your Google Ad Grant account, use Google's support link: Request for Reactivation. This self-service option guides you through the reactivation process, helping you address the specific issues that led to your account's suspension.

How EleeHub Supports Your Success

For those seeking professional assistance, EleeHub offers specialized Google Ad Grant management services starting at $125 monthly. Our team ensures compliance, optimizes performance, and handles all aspects of account management, freeing you to focus on your mission. With options for local to global outreach and a self-service guide for reactivation, we're here to maximize your nonprofit's impact.

Whether you choose to navigate the reactivation process independently or seek EleeHub's expert support, taking action to recover your Google Ad Grant account is a step toward amplifying your nonprofit's voice and mission. For more information, visit


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